Broad Temperature Type of Sulfuric Acid Catalyst: S101/S109
Low Temperature Type Sulfuric Acid Catalyst: S107/S108
Anti-Arsenic Type Catalyst: S106

Address: North Suburb of Anqiu, Weifang, Shandong Province, China.
Post Code:262100
About Us
Established in December 1998, Shandong Aobao Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. was formed after the combination of the former Shandong Anqiu Chemical factory and the Chemical Fertilizer factory and became a large scale incorporated enterprise in April 1994. With a total area of 900 acre and total assets of RMB560 million Yuan, the company currently has more than 2380 employees, including 380 scientific and technical personnel.
Sulfuric Acid Catalysts
Based on more than 30 year’s experience with sulfuric acid catalyst, our company can manufacture several types of catalysts in different shapes and sizes, such as S101、 S101-2H 、 S101-3MH 、 S101-3BZ 、 S108 、 S108-2H 、 S108-3MH 、 S108-3BZ 、 S107 、 S107-2H 、 S107-3MH , S109 、 S106 、 AC S-201, some of which won the honorary title in Shandong province and Ministry of Chemical Industry, etc.

Shandong Aobao Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Te:+86-536-4398789 Fax:+86-536-4398789 Post Code:262100


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